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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Blowing one's own horn

I decided to take part of my day off to do a tiddly bitmore on the beast of Gorgoroth. As I find chains the most annoyng thing to paint, I did them first, to remove the risk of frustratingly spoiling a carefully painted skin.
As the colour scheme for my force of Cirith Ungol is an eerie blue (Shock-horror! L.o.t.R. forces of eveil using a cold colour? Surely not!), I wanted to subtly include some blue on the beast, other than just the pieces of cloth. So I got out what will, I think, be a much used pot of Asurmen Blue wash which I liberaly applied to the first coat of grey, before doing two highlight coats. It's a very basic way of doing things, but I can no longer afford to spend quite so long paintingminis, so I opted for quick but effective solution. The infantry will simply be dipped.

Joe the Barbarian, who might actually manage to finish a model before 2013!

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